FIC 2017: Trend of Food Ingredients in China


The Food Ingredients China 2017, held from March 24-26 in Shanghai, is an international brand show in the food industry with a huge influence on the development of the food ingredients and additives market in China. Highlights of this exhibition are usually product and technology launch events, as well as academic forums and lectures. This year, the exhibition will cover 23 segments of food additives, 35 categories of food ingredients, food processing aids, novel food, and food machinery.


The FIC 2017 is expecting 1400 exhibitors from worldwide, while about 90% of them will be manufacturers. The highlight for this year is set on natural & healthy food as well as the machinery zone. Meet China’s biggest players in the food ingredients industry to stay ahead in the market in China.

Now CCM helps you prepare for the FIC2017 with the infographic about information and trends of Vitamins,amino acids,sweeteners and MSG.

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