CCM:Nutrichem Laboratory wins FMC’s infringement case on sulfentrazone 10-19-2016

On 8 June, 2015, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) made a final determination to uphold the decision of the case that FMC Corporation (FMC) accused Chinese enterprises for the infringement of sulfentrazone. The judgment affirms that Chinese involved enterprise Nutrichem Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Nutrichem Laboratory) and Jiangxi Heyi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jinagxi Heyi) do not infringe on the patent of FMC.

On 5 March, 2015, FMC applied to the USITC for the 337 investigation (377 refers to the No.337 clause in the Tariff Act of 1930) on the sulfentrazone and its ingredients and production techniques, accusing that the sulfentrazone products of Nutrichem Laboratory, Jiangxi Heyi and other two American importers Summit Agro USD, LLC and Summit Agro North America Holding Corporation infringe upon the patent of FMC in the US. Meantime, FMC required the USITC to issue a prohibition to stop Nutrichem Laboratory and Jiangxi Heyi from exporting sulfentrazone to the US and stop their distributors from selling sulfentrazone in the US. The USITC put this investigation on record on 9 April, 2014. And this case is the first American 337 investigation case among Chinese pesticide enterprises.   

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